This project in done in my 8th term of undergraduate studies at University of Tehran for a course called "Studio 9: collaboration with manufacture". Groups of two had 3 months to design a set of wall-mountable bathroom accessories for Iranian and east Asian market. This bathroom set is inspired by Asian philosophy and aesthetic - mainly Geido Japanese philosophy, zen rock gardens and orchids flower. Also the forms are organic and represent effect of forces on surfaces in nature.

NivNiv is an Iranian manufacturing company that we worked with for this class. The project was competition among students. Geido become the winner and got both monetary award and also opportunity for further collaboration and development in order to make it ready for production. (Its under production now) 

September 2012 - December 2012 | Studio 9: collaboration with manufacture  | Tehran, Iran






Form Development Sketches


Final Products


3D Printed Mock-ups

For Testing The Functionality & Usability of The Designs